How to Spice Things Up in Bed

Sex has been a crucial aspect of any type of relationship, from legal marriage to one-night stand that most modern people prefer. Reports state that more than sixty percent of married couples who got a divorce prefer separation due to their partner’s inability to give them the sexual pleasure they want and deserve. For that reason, one needs to keep this in mind if they wish to have a happy marriage. Another shocking truth is that sexual dysfunction is not only a matter of physical ailments. In many cases, they find it hard to express their feelings and what they want, and it turns out to be a big turn-off. Then, you have no other option but to keep things quite spicy when it comes to your intimate relationships with your partner.

The following tips are a must-try if you wish to have a more intimate moment with your spouse or partner. Remember that sex is one of the most vital aspects of any form of physical relationship, and you should never take it for granted.

Being Flirty During the Day

Spicing things up in bed is not only limited to your intimate moments in bed. Sometimes, what you need to do is to turn your partner on by being flirty during the day. You can try calling him or her at work and say something naughty and nasty just to get them turned on. Humans need psychological stimulation before they give their logic up and pursue the sexual trigger. Surprising your partner with physical stimulation when they are stressing out can also be an effective way to sexually arouse them. This way, you can expect to make their imagination wild during the day and get ready to have the best night when you get home.


Being able to communicate what you want during sex is also important. Note that sexual relationships are supposed to be two-way communication. It is no longer an era where women need to get down on their knees whenever their husbands want them to do so. Communication makes things a lot better as you have a bigger chance to please your partner. Never feel uncomfortable to talk whenever you feel uncomfortable with something. However, not all people know what to do when their partner asks them what they feel. When it happens, continuous practice and being open to new things will give you a chance to enjoy your intimate moment without having to be afraid.