The Benefits Of Hard Rock Music

The hard rock music is one of the many musical genres that we have. It is also referred to as the metal music. Just like the other music genres, it requires patience and a lot of time to learn and appreciate this kind of music. One misconception that many people have is that the hard rock music is all about jumping and shouting. The appetite for democracy dvd will help you enjoy some of the most reflective musical genres. The hard rock music has lots of benefits which we are going to explore below; Benefits Overcoming stereotype If you have certain stereotypes, listening to the hard rock music might just be one of the ways that will help you fight the stereotype. One common misconception about metal music is that it is listened by individuals who are angry and therefore portrays a negative emotional state of the listener. This is further from the truth going to some studies that were carried out on the same. The research indicated that regular listeners to metal music and the music genres associated with it felt better. It led to what is referred to as the anger induction which prompted them to reflect on the past unpleasant personal experiences. This illustrates that this music does not encourage negative emotions but helps the individuals fight the negative feelings. Healthy way of processing anger If you are looking for a positive way of processing anger then listening to the hard rock music may be one of the ways. Research made on this music genre established that this music does not aggravate the negative emotions but helps the individual reflect on the previous emotions that they have had. Findings indicated that this music type led to physiological and emotional arousal which resulted in positive reaction to the past events. Listening to the metal music is, therefore, one of the healthy ways of processing anger for individuals with a high temper. Giving love to the world It is said some of the problems that the world faces today is as a result of mean individuals. If we learned to love one another and coexist with our neighbors regardless of our nationality, tribe, religion, or creed, then this world would be a great place to live. By listening to the hard rock music, you will get an opportunity of listening to the unusual music genres. Findings have shown that you do not need to be a fan of a particular music genre for you to enjoy or listen to one. By listening to this music genre, you will no doubt embrace the artists and the fan in equal measure. This will be essential for your well-being as well.

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Breast Cancer Risk Factors Worth Knowing

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women. It is estimated that one in every eight women will develop this cancer in the course of their life. It is also worth noting that cancer of the breast also affects men. There have been efforts to create awareness among the people about this cancer by various entities. One of the groups that do a lot in creating awareness about breast cancer is the American Cancer Society that holds several events such as annual walks to raise funds. One of such walks was the american cancer society walk 2013 that recorded a very high turnout of breast cancer survivors, their families and their friends not forgetting the general public. You may wonder what makes one person more likely to get breast cancer than another. This article looks into those breast cancer risk factors. Common breast cancer risk factors Gender There are higher chances of women getting breast cancer than men. Women have more of the hormone known as estrogen that is responsible for the reproductive system development and regulation. This hormone cause cell multiplication in the breast and may cause breast cancer if it happens abnormally. Age The likelihood of getting breast cancer increases with age. Women over the age of sixty are more likely to get cancer than their younger counterparts. The genes that regulate the body functions are affected by age. There are more chances of an error occurring in the coding of genes at an old age than at a young age resulting in cancer. Breast Cancer cases in the family There are higher chances of one getting breast cancer if a close relative such as a mother, a sister or a daughter had cancer. It is estimated if such relatives had cancer, a woman is twice more likely to get this cancer than if none of such relatives was affected by it. Also, having a relative who got cancer at less than forty years of age make a woman more likely to develop this cancer. Previous cancer incidence A woman who had one of her breasts get this cancer is more likely to have the other one get affected than one who has not had. There is a likelihood of three to four times of the other breast getting cancer. Menstrual flow There are higher chances of getting breast cancer for the women who start menstruating before twelve than for their counterparts who start after twelve years of age. Also, the likelihood is high for those that enter menopause after fifty-five years than those who entered earlier. Early onset of menses and late menopause make the breast to be exposed to more cycles of the hormones increase the chances of getting breast cancer. Racial background There is more likelihood of white women getting breast cancer than the women of African descent. That notwithstanding, the African women are more likely to die from breast cancer than the white ones as they get more hostiles types of the cancer of the breast. Generally, breast cancer’s incidence increases with gender, age, previous cases of cancer in the family, and a prior case of cancer in the other breast. The incidence is also dependent on the length of years of menstruating and one’s racial background.

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