Health Benefits Of Listening To Music

Most of us listen to music for fun, and we hardly realize that music heals. In fact, it soothes the soul and reinvigorates the mind. In addition, some illnesses will disappear when a certain tune of music is played. Indeed, there are several health benefits of music as explained below. Weight Loss Whenever you dance to a certain tune, you are exercising while having fun at the same time. You are therefore killing two birds with one stone. Additionally, dancing makes your body more flexible, and it is one way of losing weight. Hence, make dancing part of your daily routine, and you will find it easy to maintain your body weight at a certain desired level. Anti-Depressant Most people who consider themselves hopeless end up being depressed. However, a die-hard fan of music can hardly get depressed. This is because there are songs that give encouragement to those who feel discouraged in life. In addition, other songs can inspire you to work with your own hands and to turn tables around. Music Alleviates Pain Now, if a favorite track of music is playing, you are so carried away that pain receptors in the brain are actually deactivated. For instance, if you have a mild headache and you listen to soft music of your choice, you are likely to concentrate on the music so much that you will hardly feel the pain. Whichever part of the body is aching, you can forget about it, at least in the short term by listening to your most favorite music tunes. Music Helps Us Relax We cannot deny the fact that lack of rest will eventually lead to the vicious cycle of health problems. For this reason, you must allow yourself to take some time off your normal life and allow your body to rest. When it comes to relaxing, there is no better way of doing it than listening to music. Actually, nothing feels better than listening to your favorite tunes of music after a long day at work. When you relax, your body cells are repaired, and all parts of your body are at their best. Music Lightens Moods Now, if you are having a bad day at work, some of the best things to do is stream some music videos such as the offspring stream or listen to any of your favorite music track. Always remember that being in low spirits is never good for your health. So, if things do not seem to be working out your way, sing and make merry. With this in mind, it is safe to assume that music is an integral part of healthy human living. Thus, if you are keen, you will realize that almost every song encourages you to do something to make your life better. It is also worth noting that listening to music is not enough. Sing your favorite songs too. Where possible, compose your own songs and sing them at home. You will be happier, healthier and at ease with creation.

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Breast Cancer Risk Factors Worth Knowing

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women. It is estimated that one in every eight women will develop this cancer in the course of their life. It is also worth noting that cancer of the breast also affects men. There have been efforts to create awareness among the people about this cancer by various entities. One of the groups that do a lot in creating awareness about breast cancer is the American Cancer Society that holds several events such as annual walks to raise funds. One of such walks was the american cancer society walk 2013 that recorded a very high turnout of breast cancer survivors, their families and their friends not forgetting the general public. You may wonder what makes one person more likely to get breast cancer than another. This article looks into those breast cancer risk factors. Common breast cancer risk factors Gender There are higher chances of women getting breast cancer than men. Women have more of the hormone known as estrogen that is responsible for the reproductive system development and regulation. This hormone cause cell multiplication in the breast and may cause breast cancer if it happens abnormally. Age The likelihood of getting breast cancer increases with age. Women over the age of sixty are more likely to get cancer than their younger counterparts. The genes that regulate the body functions are affected by age. There are more chances of an error occurring in the coding of genes at an old age than at a young age resulting in cancer. Breast Cancer cases in the family There are higher chances of one getting breast cancer if a close relative such as a mother, a sister or a daughter had cancer. It is estimated if such relatives had cancer, a woman is twice more likely to get this cancer than if none of such relatives was affected by it. Also, having a relative who got cancer at less than forty years of age make a woman more likely to develop this cancer. Previous cancer incidence A woman who had one of her breasts get this cancer is more likely to have the other one get affected than one who has not had. There is a likelihood of three to four times of the other breast getting cancer. Menstrual flow There are higher chances of getting breast cancer for the women who start menstruating before twelve than for their counterparts who start after twelve years of age. Also, the likelihood is high for those that enter menopause after fifty-five years than those who entered earlier. Early onset of menses and late menopause make the breast to be exposed to more cycles of the hormones increase the chances of getting breast cancer. Racial background There is more likelihood of white women getting breast cancer than the women of African descent. That notwithstanding, the African women are more likely to die from breast cancer than the white ones as they get more hostiles types of the cancer of the breast. Generally, breast cancer’s incidence increases with gender, age, previous cases of cancer in the family, and a prior case of cancer in the other breast. The incidence is also dependent on the length of years of menstruating and one’s racial background.

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Weight Loss Tips For Teens

Due to the pressure from their peers and the pressures of the society, many teenagers feel compelled to lose weight, basically overnight. However, losing weight should be done for the right reasons, not just to be popular or “accepted” by the society. For the teens who are looking to shed their excess weight, it is best to lose it naturally and slowly. To those who are unfamiliar with the best means of naturally losing weight, we will offer help by going over some of the most useful weight loss tips for teens. Weight loss tips for teens Eat slower It is a well-known fact that eating slower is one of the keys to a healthy body weight. Many people, especially teenagers, tend to simply swallow and absorb food, instead of properly chewing it first. Don’t forget that food must be broken into tiny bits, in order to provide your body with all the necessary nutrients. Chewing will also help you burn calories faster, as well. Avoid junk food Another simple tip would be to completely ditch candy bars, donuts, and potato chips. These junk foods contain way too many calories, sugars, and sodium, which can substantially increase your cholesterol levels and waistline. Instead, make sure to eat all kinds of fruit, celery, or carrot sticks as much as you can. You can also go with various fat burning foods, such as berries, nuts or broccoli. Drink plenty of fluids By this, we don’t mean gorging on various soda drinks, aerated drinks, and heavily processed juices, since they can fill your body with calories. Instead, we mean drinking as much water as possible. Water is undoubtedly the best liquid, as it can not only hydrate your body but also remove and eliminate all kinds of toxins. To get the best results, make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. In addition to water, you should also try to drink low-fat milk and unsweetened juices diluted with water. Last but not least, Green tea is well-known for its weight-loss properties, so try to drink it as much as you can. Don’t skip on your meals Many teenagers think that by skipping meals they will lose weight. This is actually counter-productive, as it results is having larger individual meals. Therefore, you should eat smaller portions every 3 or 4 hours. Overall, try to have at least 5 meals a day. This will not only allow your metabolism to function properly but also control your blood sugar levels. These days, most people wrongly believe that by skipping their breakfast they can cut down on their calory intake. However, the fact is that by skipping your breakfast, you will end up experiencing severe hunger pangs throughout the entire day. Go outside and be more active Instead of spending hours in the kitchen, try to spend your free time outdoors, as much as you can. The more teens are exposed to outdoor activities and sports, the more they will be interested in engaging in them, These activities will take them away from their computers, TVs, and smartphones, as well as the snacks they are so fond of eating while using those devices. By engaging in various outdoor games and physical activities, you will allow your body to process the foods more effectively and, of course, burn excess calories at a much faster rate.

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Health Benefits Of A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is a natural occurrence. It is also something that the majority of people do not even think about or question its importance. In most cases, those, who are having sleep disorders and who experience problems with their sleep cycle, are the ones who are questioning the importance of sleep. For all of us to understand sleep and its impact on our lives, we must first understand the reasons behind its importance. Some of the top reasons as to why sleep is important 1. Regeneration and rest A proper sleep allows our immune system to rectify all our bodily imbalances. This is exactly why those, who are suffering from all kinds of diseases and sicknesses, are advised to sleep and rest as much as possible. The human body requires REM, so as to heal itself and perform effective cell regeneration. Without an adequate sleep, our bodies would have a very hard time fending off all kinds of infections caused by viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants. 2. Proper physical growth Sleep is especially important for children aged between 0 to 13. Their bodies require adequate sleep to perform vital functions that stimulate proper cell growth, which is crucial for their physical growth, cognitive development, as well as some other human development aspects. To ensure proper development, young children should get between 9 to 13 hours of sleep each day. In the case of infants, that period should be a few hours longer, so as to allow them to properly cope with demands of their fast-developing bodies and minds. 3. Prevention of coronary issues and conditions When it comes to our organs, the heart is undoubtedly the most active of them. As a result, it is constantly subjected to high-stress levels. Sleep, especially REM sleep, can help us by substantially reducing the coronary stress, which is known to lead to a large number of coronary issues, such as heart attacks, etc. 4. Stress control and reduction Aside from reducing the coronary stress, sleep is also extremely important for controlling and reducing the overall stress. Our minds and bodies have a strong defensive mechanism to handle even the most stressful of situations. Among the most important components of that mechanism is, of course, sleep. The more stressed you are, the more sleep your mind and body will need to properly regenerate and restore balance. 5. Weight control A large number of studies have shown that people who sleep too little or too much are usually prone to obesity, as opposed to those who sleep around 6 to 8 hours a day. These studies have also shown that those who sleep less than 6 hours, are much faster to gain weight than those who sleep way more than 8 hours. In any case, these studies show the effect sleep can have on our body weight. 6. Wellness and restfulness We need a proper sleep to rest. To prepare our mind and body for the challenges that await us the next day, we need between 6 – 8 hours of sleep. It is no secret that people, who get enough sleep, are much more productive and energetic, than those who can barely get a few hours of sleep. With a good sleep, we can expect much more success, both on the professional, as well as private level.

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